Developing applications with AIR by Chris Korhonen

Chris will be talking about about why we should be looking to develop desktop applicaitons using AIR, Adobe’s new cross-platform runtime which makes it easy to take your Flash, Flex or Ajax applications and deploy them on the desktop. We will be looking at the current state of Flash and Flex for the uninitiated, talking about why you may want to develop for the desktop and walking through some examples of the cool featured offered by AIR.

About Chris Korhonen

Chris Korhonen, is a web developer working for the uk essay writing service based in Brighton, England. Currently working with AJAX, Flash and ActionScript to develop enterprise Web applications, with a focus on user experience and personalization. You have probably met him with a beer in hand at some geek event somewhere!

Introduction to Rails by Dominic Holmes

Heard about the Ruby on Rails web framework? In the last year, everybody’s been talking about it. But what is it? What can it do for you?

Come along to the next SkillSwap and find out. We’ll examine what Rails is, how (and why) it works and the Ruby language that it’s built upon. You’ll be web 2.0 before you know it.

Some programming experience desirable.

About Dominic Mitchell

Dominic Mitchell is a Brighton based programmer, working for a publishing services company. He is still in recovery from several years working as a sysadmin. Despite being an all-round geek, he is still trying to break the mould and energetically destroy the South Downs with a mountain bike.