Personality In Application

We, as an admission committee, would love to see that we want to see who you are as an individual okay so a couple of fallacies here that I want to point out and these are I think commonly assumed are true by most students who are applying for university the first is that if you haven’t experienced a life-changing event you have nothing to write about this is absolutely wrong we realize that most of you at the graduate level who are looking to apply you are 17 18 maybe 19 years old you’re young we don’t expect that you have found a cure for cancer we don’t expect that you’ve done these wonderful amazing things with your life.

And so it’s really not it’s nothing to feel bad about if you haven’t had a life-changing event we know that there are things that have molded you and shaped you into who you are today so find something no matter how insignificant it might seem that is really crucial and really important to you as an individual and focus on that so we know you care about things it doesn’t matter if it’s something like building a school in Southeast Asia we want you to tell us what that is and why it matters to you okay and so it doesn’t matter how big or small that thing is as long as you are able to convey it in a way that connects us to who you are as a person that’s the most thing and the second fallacy here that I just want to address is that if you hadn’t had a major international service experience you’re sunk once again this is wrong we realized you’re young we realize you probably haven’t done extensive traveling you know hopefully one of the reasons you’re looking to apply for education in the States as you’re looking for an international experience you don’t necessarily have to have had it already and so if you have been fortunate enough to travel or to have an amazing experience definitely write about it we would love to hear about that and how that shaped you and molded you.

But if you haven’t it’s nothing to feel bad about whatsoever it’s just an opportunity for you to choose something like I said before no matter how grand or small and just share why it matters to you okay so now that we got those fallacies out of the way let’s talk about writing this draft so when you have written your first draft it doesn’t matter how many grammatical problems it doesn’t matter how many words you misspelled it doesn’t matter how many things are wrong with it my personal recommendation is that you leave it let it fit come back to it another day okay so write your draft um you might think it’s wonderful and great and then you sleep on it you come back the next day and you realize this draft is a hot mess right because when you use something with fresh eyes it’s a totally different experience and you’re viewing it differently.