Skillswap Goes Pretty

We have another very exciting Skillswap coming up at 7pm on 20th August, the same format and venue (Lighthouse digital lounge) as the previous events only this time featuring two very talented designers; Paul Annett and Elliot Jay Stocks for the aptly named “Skillswap goes Pretty”.

Once again, the event is being kindly supported by Madgex, which means not only is it totally free, but you might also get yourself a couple of drinks thrown in too. Cheers guys!

Oooh, that’s clever! (unnatural experiments in web design)

Led by Paul Annett

Find inspiration for innovation. See technological quirks as opportunities. Try something previously unheard of with your site design. Laugh in the face of convention. Use and abuse CSS in ways never before imagined. Get away with it. And if it doesn’t work, try something else instead.
I care because you do!

Led by Elliot Jay Stocks

Crushed into submission by the weight of impending deadlines, battered and bruised by insane client demands, and reduced to a quivering mess by technical problems, how does the web designer inject care, passion, and polish into a project? When and how is it possible to add that extra layer of TLC when all you want to do is get it finished? Complementing Paul Annett’s talk on web design niceties, Elliot Jay Stocks looks at the motivation behind great design, and attempts to inspire by removing the client from the picture and focus on the importance of design evolution.

Sign up!
But before you do, a quick plea: Please be a good citizen and only sign up if you are certain you can make it. There were a number of no-shows at the last month’s event which made Nat and James huffy. Keep us both calm…and if you really have to cancel, please let us know.