What Is A Good Critique

Let’s say I’m a historian and I’m wanting to watch a V for Vendetta I’m looking at the merits of the history that it tells Guy Fawkes who was a real revolutionary in the 17th century is a heavy influence for the plot of that movie and so when I watch that film I’m gonna be looking for things that are related to that particular instance in British history but I also might be looking at how that history has influenced society today and what that movie is trying to tell us about our current consumer culture and the overreaches of government and how the media controls people and how the history of Guy Fawkes has possibly led to this future which doesn’t necessarily seem so fantastic. Find out more about quality movie critique on Edusson.

But it seems like really it’s a it’s a critique of what of the kind of world we live in today that would be something I could look at from that perspective and I might focus particularly on the costuming or particularly on the production value the set design especially the artwork that’s involved the soundtrack things like that we discussed in the last lecture cognitive and affective reactions how we go about reacting to a movie whether we react to it with our head over their heart the cognitive being our intellectual response and the effects of being our emotional response to a film and that experience is really shaped by not just our previous film experiences our schemas and not our biases but also how we watch the movie so you might see that all this stuff is kind of coming together if I’m explaining it well the we have our previous experiences of film our biases and we have the lenses in which we view them and all those things come together to help us analyze a movie and help us perceive a movie in a certain way but also you know spectatorship is a big topic in this class how we watch the movie is just as important as all these things.

If you are watching a sad film and you yourself are sad you know I remember like when I was in high school and I broke up with my girlfriend of a few years my first reaction was to pick the most depressing movie I could why did I want to watch a depressing movie when I felt sad because I wanted something to reaffirm how I felt I wanted something to empathize with me I didn’t want it to be another person because I wasn’t really feeling like talking to anybody I wanted a piece of art to mirror how I felt and I remember very clearly watching that movie in my parents house and my I think I was in like the den or the living room or something and I’m lying on the couch and I’m ever just watching that movie and just and just crying and I cried and cried and cried.